A History of Rose Hill Nurseries

Barbara Davis, the City of New Rochelle Historian, wrote a wonderful article on Henry A. Siebrecht and his Rose Hill Nurseries in New Rochelle, NY.

Siebrecht earned the informal title as the “Father of Fifth Avenue.” His neighbors and customers included such notables as Russell Sage, Andrew Carnegie, J. Pierpont Morgan, General Ulysses Grant, P.T. Barnum and Boss Tweed. Many became lifelong clients and friends.


In 1923 Siebrecht dismantled his renowned nurseries, reestablishing a fraction of them in Boynton, Florida. In the late 1920’s a former employee of Rose Hill Nurseries purchased the name for his own enterprise. Today, his grandson Henry Camardella III is the third generation to own and operate Rose Hill Nurseries at 975 Webster Avenue.

If you want to learn more about the history of the Rose Hill Nurseries, stop by and visit with Henry, he will be happy to answer any questions.


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